Benefits for the research center

Benefits for the research center

Dimed™ fu sends research-related text messages automatically to the patient and registers patients' responses to the service. Automatic text messages reach more than 99% of the research subjects1), which means that the research personnel have to contact only a fraction of the patients through traditional means. In addition, the service sends a reminder to patients whose response is delayed. Hence, the work-load of research nurses, doctors and monitoring personnel is significantly reduced.

The service generates online reports on the status of the research subjects, thus facilitating the administration of trials. The service classifies patients’ answers, identifies necessary actions, and provides a concrete task list for nurses. This enables fast responses to changes in patients’ condition.

The service uses a secured internet connection. The monitoring personnel can easily verify that all subjects respond on time, which makes it possible to complete the trial on schedule.

1) Rotavirus vaccine study, Finland 2007